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In this week’s Torah portion Moses and Aaron begin the process of convincing Pharaoh to free the Jews from their slavery in Egypt. There is something very peculiar in the verses when mentioning the names of Aaron and Moses. Sometimes Moses is first and other times Aaron is first. What’s going on? Continue Reading »

In this week’s parsha, Moshe told the Jewish people that G-d would
redeem them from Egypt and give them the Torah. The Torah says that
they were not “able to listen to Moshe because of the shortness of
spirit and the harsh work.” Continue Reading »

This week we begin the second of the Five Books Of Moses- Exodus. This book opens by stating that it will list the 12 tribes, however, it lists 11. Then when listing Joseph as number 12 the Torah says that Joseph was in Egypt. What is the Torah trying to teach us by stating the obvious about Joseph? Continue Reading »

Exodus! This is our birth place. The story of how we became who we are. Stay tuned over next six weeks!

Pharaoh is extremely concerned that the Jewish people will take over, escape and overthrow the kingdom. Continue Reading »

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