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After the splitting of the Sea of Reeds, Moses and the Jewish Nation sing a song of thanks to G-d. In this song they use the words, “This is my G-d and I will glorify Him”. What does it mean to glorify G-d?
Rashi explains- I will relate His splendor and praiseworthiness to the inhabitants of the world. Continue Reading »

Hey Tu b’shevat is this Shabbat - the new year of the trees! Click here for more info.

This week, the Torah portion describes one of the most incredible episodes in world history: the splitting of the Red Sea and the many miracles that took place there. Continue Reading »

> Parashas Bo
> The Jewish people are out! They are free – right? Wrong! They are under the dominion of the Almighty. What kind of freedom is that? Continue Reading »

Noach’s Ark for Bo 2017

When the Israelites left Egypt:” And to all the children of Israel no dog Barked.”
(Exodus 11:7)

One can imagine the great feeling of liberation experienced by the Israelites when they were finally freed from slavery after so many years. Would it have been so terrible if a dog had barked at them when they were leaving? Continue Reading »

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