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Rabbi Rafael Chaim Yitzchok Karigal, our colonial Chevron Kiruv/chizuk rabbi is back from Barbados .
         Our Kiruv dilemmas for the week:
   1) Exactly what vehicles of Kiruv did Rabbi Karigal use in 1773 in Colonial America?

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Affiliate of the Baltimore Community Kollel
Reciting Kaddish near a grave
       Last week we learned that there is a Halacha not to do Mitzvos or even recite Kaddish within the four Amos of a grave.

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Affiliate of the Baltimore Community Kollel
Parsha /Torah Reading of Va’yai’ra


      In our last post, we showed you sources that seemed contradictory regarding the mitzvah of Kiruv/outreach.
This week we will add some more contradictory information courtesy of the Rambam. Happily though, Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg Zt?l, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Israel will be able to […]

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Affiliate of the Baltimore Community Kollel
Historical Personality: Rabbi Yissocher Dov Illowy
Topic: Dignity/Not Shaming Those Who Lack #2

This week our downtown sponsors are:
Mr and Mrs. Abe Donen for a Refuah Shleima for Abe
The Knish Shop    Mr and Mrs.”Moisie”

     Thus far, we have discussed that Rav Illowy somehow transformed the Civil War Jewish community of New Orleans […]

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