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This week’s portion talks about building the vessels for the Tabernacle. We are taught that each and everyone of us is a mini Tabernacle. Therefore we are compelled to study the Tabernacle, its pieces and its laws, in order to learn about ourselves and how we conduct ourselves. Continue Reading »

It says in the verse ‘If an animal from one’s flock was attacked by a wolf or the like, you shall not eat it, rather you shall throw it to the dog.’ Why does the verse tell us that you should give it to the dog, just tell us that we can’t eat it? Continue Reading »

Purim is in two weeks!

In this week’s Torah portion, the laws of value and monetary issue are discussed. In the code of Jewish Law, the Shulchan Aruch, one quarter discusses these laws. In many rabbinical schools, close to half of the curriculum is devoted to tractates involving business matters, money matters or interpersonal relationships. Continue Reading »

In this week’s Torah portion we read the Ten Commandments. The Talmud (Berachos 12a) relates that the Rabbis once considered introducing the recital of the Ten Commandments as part of the Shema Liturgy, because, like the Shema, they are a basic declaration of the Jewish faith. Continue Reading »

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