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This weeks Torah portion is a Song, one of only 9 throughout the Written Torah. On the scroll it is written in a unique fashion; two columns instead of the usual one. Continue Reading »

Succos is almost here!

There was once an army battalion that was lined up ready to engage in warfare. As they were gearing up for the offensive, one of the soldiers said to the other, Continue Reading »

In this week’s Torah portion we have the mitzvah to write a Torah Scroll.
The verse states,” And now write for you this song (the Torah) and teach it to the children of Israel, and place it in their mouth.”
So many lessons are taken from this verse. I would like to focus on the idea that each and everyone of us is, in fact, a Torah scroll. Continue Reading »

arpy new year!

Someone once bought a watch which glowed in the dark. The whole thing lit up - the face and the band. What a watch! When the person went to sleep at night, he was very content in knowing that he’d always be able to see what time it was.

In the middle of the night, he woke up and confidently looked at his watch. However, he was dismayed to see that the hands themselves did not light up! Continue Reading »

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