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This Shabbos is Tisha B’av, the ninth day of Av. Unlike most years we won’t be fasting, rather the fast is pushed off to Sunday. We do however, keep a more solemn approach to life this Shabbos. Within this week’s Torah portion we can find a lesson to help us with the ideas of Tisha B’Av. Continue Reading »

Tisha B’Av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, is upon us. Tisha B’Av has the somewhat strange distinction of being referred to as a “mo’ed”, a festival. This word is otherwise used to describe the joyful holidays on the calendar. Why does Tisha B’Av get this label? Continue Reading »

“A man who makes a promise for G-d or swears to prohibit himself from something, he shouldn’t desecrate his words; for all that comes out of his mouth he should do.” Continue Reading »

As the Jewish nation was poised to enter the land of Israel for the first time, they encountered ​a number of stumbling blocks. In one of these episodes, Pinchos, the grandson of Aaron the High Priest,​ saves the day by courageously executing the princess of Midian and the prince of tribe of Shimon. These two were leading an effort prepared by the Midianites to lower the moral level of the Jewish nation. Continue Reading »

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